Proximity, Iris Scan, Fingerprint, Palmprint and Facial Recognition.
Prices Start around $150 for a Card Proximity reader and ranges upwards in price depending on the type of reader wanted.

Sentor utilizes the most widely used Security proximity protocol available called “Weigand”. Almost every quality brand of reader in the world uses this protocol to interface to Access Control Systems. There is a range of these readers listed in the price list.

The software to configure the access control systems and the enrolment of users is built into the Sentor GUI Software. Sentor can control up to 64,000 users Controlling Access for Entry, Security and Times allowed, plus identify and log all users coming and going through to doors.

Sentor can be programmed with temporary codes for access also has the ability to remotely open doors at sites for those people

Please NOTE: All readers need the Sentor ST352a interface box attached to the Sentor motherboard. The connection is RS485 so many devices can be installed on the one RS485 Bus.