Sentor Sensors

The List of Sentor Sensors is always changing and always increasing. If you do not see the sensor you require in our price book please ask and we will find the correct sensor for your application. The Price List is available on request to authorized Dealers and Customers only

  1. Temperature Sensors
  2. Smoke and Fire Detectors
  3. Fuel Sensors
  4. Water Pressure
  5. Speed (Rev Counter) sensor
  6. RF Couplers
  7. +/- 48 VDC Sensors
  8. Current Sensors
  9. Door and Window Sensors
  10. PIR’s ( Movement Detectors)
  11. Wind Sensors
  12. Strobe Lights
  13. Cameras and Camera Contrlilers
  14. Computers and Conslies
  15. Modems and Wireless/Radio Devices
  16. Antennas