Sentor Software Modules

  1. Sentor GUI V 4.0.5 – Graphical User Interface (GUI) which is the Programming Tool and Monitoring Software package
  2. SenTrend NMS – Network Management Software for NOC operation with Auto Polling, Mapping, Trending and Backup Software.
  3. Sentor Genius – RF and Sensor Calibration software
  4. Sentor Message Pro – Full messaging and Alarm software – Sends emails, SMS and Pager messages to the correct person for a particular alarm
  5. SenCheck – This is Global Update software for Card access. It allows the mangers to automate the removal or addition of access cards from each Sentor site in a network. Saves going to every site to do this task.
  6. SNMP V3 is also available for those who prefer Simple Network Management Protocol.
  7. DNP3 Protocol is also available for those folk in the Utilities Industry such as Water. Oil and Gas Infrastructure.
  8. Android Operating System is coming soon.

Please ask our representatives for Prices, Details and trial software.

Above: Sentor GUI is fully customizable to suit any application