Sentor ST 025 and ST 025E (Extended Range) Temperature Sensor – Standard and Extended Version

The Sentor Temperature Sensor is light and easy to install on to any surface. The calibration numbers are already set up in default within the Software so all you need to do is select in software if you want C or F degrees and Sentor does the rest. Connection is by 2 wires only into any Analog input. The Sentor inputs actually supply voltage to the sensor via the 2 sensing wires which means you do not need to run separate power wires.

  • Sensing Accuracy Range:± 1°C
  • Temperature Sensing Range;
    • ST025 : 0°C to +100°C or 32°F to + 140°F
    • ST025E :-45°C to +150°C or -50°F to +300°F
  • Supply Current:91.5µA
  • Supply Voltage Range:4V to 30V

Above: The Sentor ST025 Temperature Sensor