Sentor ST 1100 – Serial to Network & Ethernet WebServer with Internet Connectivity and Static IP Address

includes Board, Mounting Plate, Cable and Programming with TCP/IP Address

  • Monitor and control Sentor over Ethernet or Internet
  • RS-232, RS422 or RS-485 serial support
  • RJ45 10Base-T/100Base-TX Ethernet Interface
  • Configurable via internal web server, Telnet or serial
  • 2 MB Flash ROM

Quickly Network Enable Sentor Equipment Allowing Remote Monitoring and Management from Anywhere in the world over the Internet

The ST1100-B Device Server can be quickly and easily set up to network-enable Sentor Controllers through the serial interface so it can be remotely accessed and controlled over the Net. This flexible product is designed to be integrated within the Sentor Controller housing and is suitable to applications such as factory machinery, security systems, heating and ventilation systems, Tower and Building Automation, Lighting controls and many other applications.

Using a method called ‘serial tunneling’, the ST1100-B encapsulates serial data into packets and transports it over Ethernet. Serial tunneling can be done in multiple ways:

Implementing the COM Port Redirector software simplifies the integration process by extending the functionality of (serial) COM port-based Windows® applications. It redirects application data destined for a local serial (COM) port on a PC over the Ethernet/Internet network and through the ST1100-B enabled device. Communications to and from the networked equipment is processed by the PC application as if it were from the local COM port.
By Using the Sentor Graphical User Interface (GUI) operators can remotely view, control and program the Sentor controller directly through the ST1100 over a LAN or via the internet/intranet.

Above: The Sentor ST1100 Internet Card also available in Metal box form.