Sentor ST 9-302 SNMP- Simple Network Management Protocol V3 Board

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he SNMP V3 Hardware platform is the latest in SNMP integration. Working either by itself as pure SNMP over any Ethernet connection or working in conjunction with Sentor ST3000 as a slave either way SNMP V3 is here.

The ST9-302 has its own inputs allowing up to 48 SNMP devices to attach to the system and can use any SNMP such as V1,2 or 3 Software.

The ST300 Sentor Motherboard can be electrically connected to the ST9-302 and by using Sentors superior brain all outputs and inputs can be Monitored and Controlled by the Sentor ST300. After Sentor reacts to the Alarms it will then pass all alarms and logs down the line to the SNMP board which in-turn passes the SNMP information to the SNMP client via Ethernet.

Above: The Sentor ST9-302 SNMP V3 card and Expansion Module