Sentor ST330

Telephone/Modem/Dialler/Voice Card

The ST330 interface is an Approved interface card that plugs directly onto the Sentor motherboard. It performs many tasks such as being a landline modem for remote data transfer.

The ST330 can also be programmed as a dialer to call a computer, and/or a telephone and even a pager. It talks in a real recorded voice with dynamic menu and device details following the suggested keypad prompts over a Mobile or Standard telephone.

The technician or manager can be informed of alarms in real time over the phone with values and alarm/device information. The user can remotely change the state of a device from the phone or at the Central Computer. A remote laptop (with the correct codes) can access the Sentor System through this card allowing a live graphical picture of the remote sites with the event log and real time readings.

Above: The Sentor ST330 Telephone Module includes Programmable Dialer; Voice prompts with device readings and allows the user to switch devices on/off via the keypad of the mobile phone.