Sentor ST505 Bi-Directional Power Coupler –
– Pre Calibrated to Frequency

(Please order 1 per Base Station and 1 per antenna)

The Sentor Remote Surveillance SystemsThe ST505 Bi-Directional Coupler devices can be attached to any Radio Base Station to measure very accurate forward and reflected power in Watts or dBm.

These devices exhibit almost zero insertion loss, are totally non invasive and are simply screwed in line on the coaxial antenna cable either before the combiner (or Duplexer) or after the combiner or both.

We suggest you order ones with a N Connectors male on one end and a female on the either end for easy connection.

There are 2 take-off points (RCA Connectors) from the Coupler to SENTOR’s Analog inputs, one take-off delivering the forward power sample and the other for reflected power.

Sentor then calculates a quadratic equation every time the transmitter is on (PTT) giving accurate power readings to decimal level.

Sentor® supplies a small software package that enables technicians to calibrate these devices and to calculate the plug in numbers in the GUI (Graphic User Interface).

When these couplers are inserted in a system both before or after the combiner the Sentor system will automatically monitor EXACTLY what the performance and health is of each base station and antenna and making sure that the system is operating to its fullest design capability.

Sentor does not calculate VSWR readings on purpose because as VSWR is only a ratio of the two readings we feel that making the controller calculate meaningless readings is a waste of processing power.

No Base Station proprietary software can measure the VSWR accurately after the combiner because the combiner gives a perfect 50 ohm load to the Repeater and therefore gives a false reading regarding the antennas.

Should any alarm occur at any time Sentor® will inform the operators and at the same time can automatically switch to a Hot Standby or backup base station or antenna if so desired.

Above: The ST505 Bi-Directional Coupler