ST30G – 3G/4G GPRS On-Air

All the time Modem + Serial to Ethernet Conversion and Internet Connectivity.

This is a full Multi-Band ¾G GPRS On-Air all the time Cellular Data modem used to pass Alarms, Data and Events from the sites to the Cloud Data Base or direct to the Central Computer. Obviously Cellular Coverage is required for these to operate from each Site however each site can have different connections to allow remote connectivity to Sentor.

The modem is connected directly to the Sentor System at each site which gives each site FULL internet connectivity at ALL times. Allows the site to have a Static IP Address, converts Serial to Ethernet which is then accessible via the Intranet/Internet and allows live data sessions with the each controller over the web. All Security codes are held by the management in SSL encryption.

A Data account with a Cellular provider is required and is relatively cheap for the small amount of data throughput.

Above: The Sentor ST30G GPRS/WCDMA/GSM Modem External Antennas can be attached to increase coverage and range.