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The concept of the Sentor System is to provide a wide range of live, graphical, intelligent Remote Monitoring Control and Management processing for all types of Remote Wireless Communications Base Station Sites (Cellular, Two-way Radio etc.) with almost no requirement for supervisory intervention.

Sentor was formed in 1995 with our main product (the ST3000) originally designed for the monitoring, control and security of remote base station tower sites. Combining equipment monitoring, site security, access control and environmental monitoring, Sentor continues to be the number one technology for these customers and has proved to be an invaluable tool for international site owners around the world.

Realizing Sentor’s potential as an applications and development company, Sentor’s management developed a strategy of ” Totally Flexible Wireless Technology”. We developed our now famous “fuzzy logic software” which is programmed into our products. This ingenious software allows quick and easy configuring of the Computer and Controller software and hardware. Our time to market is extremely short allowing total flexibility for our customers that have their own set of unique requirements no matter what they want to achieve.

Sentors remote capabilities have increased as new technologies are adapted to our system, making Sentor one of the most adaptable fully remote stand-alone monitoring and Control Systems. Our communications flexibility allows us to transport data over any medium such as Satellite, LTE, 4G/5G, CDMA 1xrtt, GSM GPRS, Fibre, Microwave (G703), DSL, Dial-Up and any other form required. Our Tracking Systems operate over the LTE & GPS Networks using FreedomPTT Server through Amazon Web Services World Wide.


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