Tower Sites

One of Sentor’s specialist applications is Remote Tower Site Monitoring and Control; we have many installations worldwide employing our unique range of capabilities.

Sentor provides solutions to monitor & control every aspect of the tower site and its backup equipment such as forward and reflected power (VSWR) and RSSI of radio transmitters in REAL TIME, batteries, generators, rectifiers, air conditioners, remote security, access control, fire and tower lighting alarms, plus much more.

The Sentor Tower Monitoring Solution controls and monitors the following:

  • Remote security and access control
  • Battery levels
  • Tower lighting alarms
  • Air conditioner control
  • Fire & smoke alarms
  • Video and camera control
  • Remote channel change
  • Generator cut in
  • Generator fuel levels
  • All information can be sent to smart phones, tablets, PC’s, emails or CLOUD
  • All with reports and event logs