Sentor has many applications across many industries. The concept of the Sentor System is to provide a wide range of live, graphical, intelligent Remote Monitoring Control and Management processing for all types of Remote Wireless Communications Base Station Sites (Cellular, Two-way Radio etc.) with almost no requirement for supervisory intervention. Have your Sentor Controller connected to Internet TCP/IP, Fibre Optic, Satellite, Radio Modem, GSM/GPRS/CDMA, and Microwave, and monitor your devices on a laptop, mobile phone, desktop PC and more.   More

Sentor Cloud

Sentor Cloud service gives you the ability to view your remote sites on a worldwide scale, and enables you to view the key device readings and/or alarm statuses from any remote site worldwide. This can be achieved with any device connected to the internet from anywhere on the planet, such as a PC, Laptop, Tablet, smartphone etc. The Sentor Cloud service collects data from each remote site/s event logs, and the Cloud data is then ported to the cloud main server via Sentor Cloud Assistant. Each site is displayed within a list in google maps, and when clicked on, it pans directly to hat sites location which is represented by a marker, which you can then click on to view the sites data. The Sentor Cloud makes monitoring one or thousands of sites as easy as a single mouse click. More


Area Network users to view live readings directly from the site, as well as generate periodic graphs which shows device statuses and/or readings. SenBase can also be configured to run live on the internet using your own Server if you do not wish to use the Sentor Cloud service. Please ask our representatives for pricing on SenBase. Please ask our representatives for pricing on SenBase. For more information, please contact our US Office on (310) 464 1604, or in Asia Pacific Area on +61 418 268 598   More