Tower Sites

One of Sentor’s specialist applications is Remote Tower Site Monitoring and Control; we have many installations worldwide employing our unique range of capabilities. Sentor provides solutions to monitor & control every aspect of the tower site and its backup equipment such as forward and reflected power (VSWR) and RSSI of radio transmitters in REAL TIME, batteries, generators, rectifiers, air conditioners, remote security, access control, fire and tower lighting alarms, plus much more. More

Cloud Service

Sentor Cloud service gives you the ability to view your remote sites on a worldwide scale, and enables you to view the key device readings and/or alarm statuses from any remote site worldwide. This can be achieved with any device connected to the internet from anywhere on the planet, such as a PC, Laptop, Tablet, smartphone etc. The Sentor Cloud service collects data from each remote site/s event logs, and the Cloud data is then ported to the cloud main server via Sentor Cloud Assistant. Each site is displayed within a list in google maps, and when clicked on, it pans directly to hat sites location which is represented by a marker, which you can then click on to view the sites data. The Sentor Cloud makes monitoring one or thousands of sites as easy as a single mouse click. More

Oil & Gas

The Sentor remote monitoring and control system solution for oil and gas allows remote monitoring and control of your plant – saving potentially untold amounts of capital – increasing your cash flow. Sentor will allow you to remotely monitor and control widely scattered oil and gas facilities. You will be able to remotely monitor your pipelines and monitor pressure, flow, temperature and more. Further, Sentor is great at failure detection and reporting. Decrease your environmental footprint and maximise energy efficiency by utilising the core technologies of Sentor. More


Sentor site security solutions is a complete package for organisations that wish to deploy a powerful and fully featured security system that not only offers back to base peace of mind, but also utilises world class automation control to give you complete manageability and customisation of your site security and access control. As well as back to base notifications, our site security solutions are capable of individually notifying the appropriate staff or managers depending on the severity or location of the alarms. Speak to a Sentor site security consultant today. More


Access Control is very important to some of our clients and it is also very important that the Access Control Systems are standard-ised. Here at Sentor we chose the most widely used protocol (WIEGAND Access Control Protocol) which allows our cutomers to choose many differnt types and brands of Access Control Readers such as Biometric Readers, Fingerprint Readers, Eris Scanners, Proximity Readers, Card Swipe and keychain medallion readers. Sentor Access Control Systems can control a single door and go right up to high security fully automated Multi Room Hotels, Multi story buildings, Goverment Installations and Military Systems. More

Biometric Access

The science of measurement and analysis of biological data is known as biometrics. The biological data mainly refers to certain unique characteristics of the human body. These characteristics include fingerprints, eye retinas and irises, DNA, facial patterns, voice patterns, hand measurements etc. They serve as excellent parameters for biometrics due to the fact that they are generally not the same for two different individuals and thereby help in the process of identification, verification, authentication and access control. Biometrics has found application in every walk of life today. In everyday life it is mostly used as a measure of access control, known as biometric access control, which is used as part of biometric security to restrict access to specific regions as well as to safeguard valuables. More


Sentor is committed to the environment and is proud to offer solutions specifically targeting the enhancement of Green Technologies offering mechanisms that improve their efficiency, lower running costs or improve servicing. More

Farms & Agriculture

Imagine this. And wonder if it’s fact or fiction. A remote sheep station deep in the heart of Western Australia with 3000 sheep, no homestead & completely unmanned. 590 km away in Perth, the station owner monitors the property from his office computer. By using the Sentor system he can check the water level in the troughs, watch the sheep drink from their trough by video, he can watch them on the way in and he records the data on his tag reader any can even remotely muster the sheep into yards by closing the gates. All this with the click of a mouse and by taking advantage of the Sentor remote monitoring and control system. More

IoT Connectivity & Automation

Improve safety, efficiency and productivity through the implementation of the Sentor remote monitoring and control site automation solution. The road to site automation is riddled with challenges; however, at Sentor we have developed automation solutions that have covered nearly all of the real-time challenges we can expect to face. We have successfully implemented site automation systems and solutions in the mobile phone tower sites, oil and gas industries, farming and agriculture and many more. More

Video Surveillance

The Sentor video surveillance solution allows you to monitor your farm, oil and gas refinery, tower sites and more with ease. Our solution enables 24/7 monitoring with clear vision, allowing you to react to any event on your site in real-time. Monitor your locations, detect motion and record video from multiple cameras at once. Securing remote, unmanned utility infrastructure sites, unprotected assets and construction sites is now less problematic with remote video surveillance solutions from Sentor. Now you can do routine management from your office and avoid the cost of periodically visiting your sites. Improve the efficiency and reduce the cost of maintenance visits by knowing exactly why you are sending someone there. Use the storage capabilities of our camera management software to quickly catch vandals and thieves. We can even design and implement a covert video surveillance solution. More