SitePRO is our Graphical User Interface software which connects directly to the controller for a graphical representation of devices, alarms, power readings, values and much more. SitePRO is also used for adding and removing inputs and/or outputs to a unique identifier, (such as input 5B or Output 4A) that enables SitePRO to easily control and monitor the device/s connected. SitePRO also provides scenario programming, which is the ‘BRAINS’ within the controller that will control and monitor your site independently. Scenario’s created within the SitePRO, when connected to a controller, will be saved to the memory enabling the controller to be as intelligent or simple as your site requires. Demonstration of a typical site using SitePRO. More


SenTrend is a software package that operates side by side with SitePRO, SenTrend is a Site Network Management package that is used when monitoring multiple sites (more than 5 sites), and can be automated to call each site on a scheduled and/or manual basis. When SenTrend calls (or Polls) each site in the site list, it establishes communications with the site, downloads the memory logs from the controller, and then progresses to the next site in the list. SenTrend automates connectivity and management of your critical remote site data, which can then be exported in to a spreadsheet for data analysis via Graphs or whichever method you choose.SitePRO does not need to be running when using SenTrend. SenTrend now has an upgraded version which incorporates the new and diverse technologies of Google Maps, to your remote sites. More


Sentor has a wide range of Addon software available for different Applications depending on your requirements. Please find below a basic overview of available Addon software. Sentor Cloud Assistant Log file monitoring software that uploads trending data to the sentor cloud and/or local database (SenBase). Sentor Genius RF and Sensor Calibration software. Sentor Message Pro Full messaging and Alarm software – Sends emails, SMS and Pager messages to the correct person for a particular alarm. SenCheck Allows the mangers to automate the removal or addition of access cards from each Sentor site in a network. Saves going to every site to do this task. More