Sentor Cloud

Sentor Cloud service gives you the ability to view your remote sites on a worldwide scale, and enables you to view the key device readings and/or alarm statuses from any remote site worldwide. This can be achieved with any device connected to the internet from anywhere on the planet, such as a PC, Laptop, Tablet, smartphone etc.

The Sentor Cloud service collects data from each remote site/s event logs, and the Cloud data is then ported to the cloud main server via Sentor Cloud Assistant. Each site is displayed within a list in google maps, and when clicked on, it pans directly to hat sites location which is represented by a marker, which you can then click on to view the sites data. The Sentor Cloud makes monitoring one or thousands of sites as easy as a single mouse click.

For more information, please contact our US Office on (310) 464 1604, or in Asia Pacific Area on +61 418 268 598,
or send an email to i[email protected]

sentor cloud image